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"Journeys are magical treasures filled with wonderful promises." (Claude Lévi-Strauss)
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Vital holidays in South Tyrol's sunny city of Merano

Your vacation between palm trees and snowed-in mountains

The former capital of Tyrol and residence of the Counts of Tyrol – Merano – is located at an altitude of 325 m in the heart of South Tyrol. The splendid landscape of the garden town is characterised by the splendid parks, vast orchards, vineyards with autochthone vines like Vernatsch and Lagrein, and living traditions.

Two glasses of wineVineyards

Merano & environs – a place for balance, recreation and holistic health

The Merano & environs holiday region has enjoyed a long tradition as a holiday and tourism destination. The tourism boom in this holiday region started, when today's garden town was declared a health resort by the Habsburg Monarchy in 1855. From then on, the spa town became a refuge for numerous celebrities like Empress Elisabeth, who finally moved into Trauttmansdorff Castle as her summer residence in 1870.

Statue of Sissi with flowers in the handTrauttmansdorff Castle and the Touriseum

Especially the clear air and the later discovered radon-containing thermal water on Vigil Pass were the reason for the tourism boom in the region. The historic Kurhaus in Merano, and the Town Theatre with its pompous Art Nouveau architecture remind of times gone by.

Holidays with more than 300 days of sunshine

After the regional capital of Bolzano, the spa town of Merano is the second biggest city in South Tyrol, characterised by a Mediterranean, mild climate - an all-year holiday destination. Merano is protected from cold winds by the high mountain chain of the Gruppo del Tessa Nature Park to the north-west. The warm air coming into the valley basin through the valley open to the south, is responsible for the flora of numerous Alpine and Mediterranean plants. Especially the mild annual average temperature of 12°C, and the more than 300 days of sunshine a year, make Merano a holiday destination for all guests, be it in spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Tirolo CastleMeadows in South TyrolMerano thermal bathsFruit and chestnuts in a basket

Feel quietness – some impressions from the Merano & environs holiday region