General weather today:

The high currents over the Alps will remain from north-east.

General weather tomorrow:

High currents from north will bring less humid airmasses to the Alps.

Il tempo domani:

Partly sunny weather. The probability of rain will slightly increase over the eastern part of the territory in the evening.

Temp. min.: 11°
Temp. max.: 21°

High values up to 17°/21°.

Weather tomorrow:

Sunny weather with some cumulus clouds in the afternoon.

Temp. min.: 10°
Temp. max.: 24°

High values up to 20°/24°.

Mountain weather today:

Cloudy sky. Starting from the late afternoon possibility of rain over the north-eastern mountains.

Temperature in 2.000m:
Temperature in 3.000m: -2°
0° limit: 2700 m

Mountain weather tomorrow:

Good conditions. The probability of rain will slightly increase in the Dolomites in the afternoon.

Temperature in 2.000m: 10°
Temperature in 3.000m:
0° limit: 3200 m

Weather development

Tuesday 02.06 Wednesday 03.06 Thursday 04.06
10 / 25° 11 / 25° 12 / 25°

Source: Hydrographic office Autonomous province of Bozen and Weather South Tyrol