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"Thinking is the job of the intellect, dreaming its pleasure." Victor Marie Hugo (1802-1885)
Hotel Villa Freiheim ***

Our hotel rooms in natural wood design

Wellbeing and dreaming in South Tyrol Hotel Villa Freiheim

Nature, elegance, design and genuineness, scenting woods, natural materials and loving details, which will let you feel the cosy, natural atmosphere from the very beginning - this is a suitable description for our 8 wood design double rooms and 2 single rooms Standard Tilia and Superior Betula in our Aparthotel in Merano. Featuring modern comfort and small seating areas, our rooms provide a wonderful ambience with plenty of room for relaxation.

10 rooms - 7 woods

The wellbeing rooms in the main building of Hotel & Apartments Villa Freiheim are dedicated to 7 local types of wood. Betula, Picea, Acer, Castanea, Tilia, Qercus and Pinus… these are the Latin names of the 7 woods that are used in the hotel rooms.

Each element of the nature rooms has been selected with care and great passion, and tells its very own story. Attentive guests might even notice some hidden details like frescos from the construction period of Hotel Villa Freiheim at the end of the 19th century or various wooden artefacts. A stay in the natural wood rooms and apartments in our balance refuge in Merano becomes a unique experience.