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"Here I am a man, here I dare to be" (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
Hotel Villa Freiheim ***

Wellness pleasures in the 3-star Nature and Health Hotel South Tyrol

Merano Balance for body, spirit and soul: Freiheim holidays that make sense

The wellbeing offer in the Balance Hotel Villa Freiheim is spread out over two wellness areas:

  • The Freiheim Spa in the main building with a small Finnish sauna, jacuzzi and solarium, and a work-out gym area.
  • and our Oasis of Balance "Garten der Ruhe".

In our wellness area "Garten der Ruhe" (Garden of Quietness) in the opposing Apartments Residence Villa Elisabeth, we offer a varied balance programme. Our wellness team will accompany you through the day with movement and vital exercises in the morning to a relaxing massage.

The balance and wellness offer in our Health Hotel is based on the 5 elements philosophy of Sebastian Kneipp. Together with certified herbal educationalist, Shiatsu expert and Kneipp and health coach Mrs. Sigrid Nagler, we have come up with a balance concept focusing on your holistic balance and health during your holidays.

A stay in our hotel should be more than just good for you, it should make sense, and with all our heart, we therefore want to make this wish come true for you.


Balance at Villa Freiheim is based on the 5 Kneipp elements

The health concept by Sebastian Kneipp is based on a holistic lifestyle of health and prevention. It is based on the philosophy of the five elements: water, exercise, nutrition, plants and order of life (balance) - here at Hotel & Apartments Villa Freiheim we live this philosophy as follows:

Element Water

"Regular circulation of the blood cannot be brought about by any medicine, call it what you may. Such a masterpiece can only be accomplished by water." (Sebastian Kneipp)

Infusions, washing, wraps and different baths can be enjoyed in the Freiheim Spa. The extraordinary medicinal power of this element is just amazing.

Element Exercise

"Inactivity weakens, exercise strengthens, overexertion damages." (Sebastian Kneipp)

Our team in the wellness area "Garten der Ruhe" accompanies you with Do-In workshops, movement, dance and consciousness exercises, guided tours through the barefoot course, and much more.

Element Nutrition

"Leave the natural as natural as possible. The preparation of food should be simple and unsophisticated. The closer they get to the state in which they are commanded by nature, the healthier they are." (Sebastian Kneipp)

For this reason, our culinary offer also focuses on naturalness, health and sustainability. After all, holistic balance of the body starts with healthy nutrition.

Element Plants

"With every step we take in God's glorious natural world, we encounter new plants again and again which are extremely useful and therapeutic for us." (Sebastian Kneipp)

Not only the herbal garden at Apartments Villa Elisabeth, but also the special culinary offer during themed breakfasts give proof of our love for European folk medicine.
Our certified herbal educationalist Sigrid will be pleased to tell you more about it.

Element Order of Life (Balance)

"The illnesses that man causes to his own health through his lifestyle can only be completely cured by changing one’s way of life." (Sebastian Kneipp)

In order to make space for inner harmony, our Balance Hotel offers a very special wellness programme for holistic balance. Regain strength in times of quietness, meditation and perception. Far away from everyday stress and hectic, we support you in re-establishing your balance.