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"Together we want to create a place where our guests can feel and enjoy the quietness and beauty of nature. Hence, our Hotel is an oasis of balance in Merano, in which we mainly focus on the holistic wellbeing of our guests." Nagler-Genetti Family
Hotel Villa Freiheim ***

Our philosophy: nature, health & tradition

What our small wellbeing oasis Freiheim is about

Hearty values, being close to nature and being authentic are the values that the Nagler-Genetti family tradition has focused on for three generations, and that are continuously confirmed by the amazement of our guests. For the hosts, the Nagler-Genetti family, it is a matter of course to manage Villa Freiheim in a sustainable way and to make it a holistic oasis of balance. Since we care for our health and the health of our guests, we always strive to give consideration to our philosophy also in the culinary offer, and to also cater for vegan and vegetarian aspects.

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Health and Balance

Mrs. Sigrid Nagler plays an important role in the development and realisation of our balance and health concept. She is health and Kneipp coach and herbal educationalist, and the heart and soul of our Health Hotel. Together with the Nagler-Genetti family and team, she amazes guests with a holistic balance concept based on the 5 Kneipp elements:

  • Water
  • Nutrition
  • Medicinal plants
  • Exercise
  • and order of life (Balance)

Experience the positive power of nature with all your senses. Be it indoors in our wellness areas "Garten der Ruhe" (Garden of Quietness) and the Freiheim Spa, in the lovingly furnished hotel rooms and the spacious apartments, or outdoors in our herbal garden. With Hotel Villa Freiheim, the Nagler-Genetti family has successfully created a very special natural vital refuge for the whole family.

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